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VíaVienté Questions and Answers

Can you describe VíaVienté in about 10 words?

An energizing whole fruit puree juice blend that is rich in antioxidants.

Why are Anti-Oxidants important?

Anti-Oxidants help protect the human body from the formation of free radicals which cause damage to our cells. Free radicals or “Oxidation” is the product of our bodies’ natural metabolic processes. Free radicals can impair our immune system and lead to various chronic diseases related to aging. Extensive scientific evidence links heart disease, stroke, circulation problems, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even aging itself to elevated levels of free radicals within the body. Anti-Oxidants neutralize Free Radical damage at the cellular level.

Many people I know have nagging “hurting pains” in many parts of their bodies. How can Antioxidants help?

Most aches and pains have a common denominator: inflammation. Research suggests that Antioxidants work as anti-inflammatory agents, thus reducing inflammation and the pain that can accompany it.

I have heard that inflammation is involved in diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and various cancers. Can Antioxidants help with these serious health concerns?

Research suggests that both oxidative stress and inflammation are involved in the progression of many diseases. Therefore, it is possible that a diet rich in Antioxidants can help provide protection against the harm done by oxidative stress and inflammation.

Where do we find antioxidants?

Plants are a major source of natural antioxidants. Botanical sources include leaves, berries, roots, seeds, bark and flowers. Fruits are rich in natural chemical compounds called phytochemicals. The most important groups of phytochemicals are flavonoids and carotenoids. Some of the best known antioxidant compounds are in these phytochemical groups. Anthocyanins, quercetin, EGCG, OPCs and resveratrol are all flavonoids. Beta carotene, lycopene and astaxanthin are carotenoids.

What antioxidants are in VíaVienté?

VíaVienté's antioxidant power comes mostly from flavonoids such as anthocyanins and resveratrol. This is evident from the rich, deep purple color of VíaVienté.

A lot has been reported about the antioxidant power of resveratrol in red wine and grape products. How much resveratrol is in VíaVienté?

VíaVienté is a concentrated source of whole grape puree. A single 2-ounce serving of VíaVienté contains an amount of resveratrol similar to that in a serving of red wine or Concord grape juice.

Is VíaVienté a complete vitamin and mineral supplement?

Superfood VíaVienté contains all the vitamins and minerals required for metabolism. From this perspective, VíaVienté is a complete source of vitamins and minerals. However, VíaVienté is not a dietary supplement. It is a nutritionally dense fruit puree juice that supplies extraordinary amounts of Anti-Oxidants and vitamins and minerals. Therefore, those individuals who have specific health concerns about such things as bone health and hormone balance may desire to use specific dietary supplements in addition to enjoying the great taste and health benefits of VíaVienté.

What is the source of the minerals in VíaVienté?

The minerals in VíaVienté are naturally occurring chelated mineral from High in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. A 1 fl. oz. serving of VíaVienté contains the same quantity and ratio of minerals found in 1 liters of Vilcabamba mineral water. The minerals in VíaVienté come from these sources:
(1) Naturally occurring spring mineral water from High in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.
(2) A Chelated Mineral Essence (VME), which is an organic complex of minerals that exactly matches the ratio of minerals found in the Ecuadorian mineral water.

What is Vilcabamba Mineral Water?

The Vilcabamba mineral water is bottled from a naturally occurring spring in the Loja province of Ecuador. The spring is capped at its source and a food grade bottling facility bottles and ships the water directly to VíaVienté's manufacturer.

How much of the Vilcabamba Minerals are in VíaVienté?

A 3 fl. oz. serving of VíaVienté contains the same quantity and ratio of minerals found in 3 liters of Vilcabamba mineral water. The minerals in VíaVienté come from three sources: (1) the Vilcabamba mineral water itself; (2) the 11 phytonectars in VíaVienté; (3) the Vilcabamba Mineral Essence®, which is an organic complex of minerals that exactly matches the ratio of minerals found at Vilcabamba.

VíaVienté contains Phytonectars®. What does that mean?

Phytonectars® are the proprietary nectars, or liquids, from plants that are present in VíaVienté. In the case of VíaVienté, it is the purees from 10 fruits and 2 roots. Phytonectars® contain phytochemicals - the natural compounds found in plants. They contribute to the makeup of plants in many ways including color, taste, natural defenses, and other characteristics. In addition, many phytochemicals have been shown to have antioxidant properties. This is particularly true of certain phytochemical families, such as polyphenols. VíaVienté is rich in these complex phytochemicals.

Does VíaVienté have phytoestrogen properties?

VíaVienté has some phytoestrogen properties that come from its botanical ingredients. It should be considered a natural food complement to any phytoestrogen therapy for menopausal symptoms. We advise consulting your health practitioner regarding the use of VíaVienté in relation to any specific health condition and/or medical therapy.

Is VíaVienté an "all natural" product?

Not all of the PhytoNectars used in VíaVienté are available from a certified organic farm, therefore VíaVienté cannot be called certified organic. However, care is taken to insure that all the materials used in VíaVienté are harvested from farms that follow Good Agricultural Practices. Be assured that VíaVienté is working to obtain the designation "certified organic" and when available it will be the first product in its class to achieve such a designation.

Are there any GMO ingredients?

The product contains no genetically modified organisms.

What is "GMP" and does VíaVienté follow these guidelines in producing the product?

"GMP" is an acronym for Good Manufacturing Practices which refer to a set of standards used in the purchase of raw ingredients and the manufacture and testing of finished products. These ensure a consistent, high-quality yield for the VíaVienté product. We believe in strict compliance with all GMP practices.

I understand that VíaVienté is manufactured in a lab that is ISO 9001 Certified. Why, when such high standards are not required for a food product like ours?

ISO 9001 Certification is not required for a food product like VíaVienté. However, it helps insure the is the highest quality of manufacturing standard possible. We do so, in particular, to minimize batch-to-batch differences that can occur with the natural botanicals (plants) used to make VíaVienté.

How much VíaVienté should I consume each day and is it possible to consume too much?

We recommend drinking 1 – 2 ounces of VíaVienté in the morning and again in the evening. Because it is a blend of all natural fruit puree juices, an individual may drink as little or as much VíaVienté as he or she desires. As with any food, there is no toxicity associated with consumption, but nausea, bowel intolerance, bloating, and other digestive discomforts may arise if a person takes too much at one time.

Can children drink VíaVienté?

Children of all ages may safely enjoy VíaVienté. VíaVienté has a natural concentration approximately twice that of other 100% fruit juices. So, you may want to mix 2 or 3 ounces of VíaVienté with water or fruit juice to see how your child responds. You may treat VíaVienté like other all-natural juices, purees, or juice concentrates.

Can pregnant or lactating women take this product?

VíaVienté is safe for pregnant and/or lactating women.

What methods are used to handle the fruits and botanicals in VíaVienté?

VíaVienté chooses only fruits and botanicals grown in fields that follow Good Agricultural Practices. Upon harvesting, care is taken to insure a microbiologically clean, safe product. They are carefully ground into PhytoNectars and blended into the finished product and bottled.

Is VíaVienté pasteurized or homogenized?

VíaVienté is not pasteurized or homogenized. The product is cold processed to preserve the natural enzymes contained in its phytonectars. The botanicals and fruits in the product are not homogenized, but are specially ground to a fine paste to provide a smooth mouth feel to the product.

Does VíaVienté contain preservatives?

Vía's cutting-egde manufacturing process allows us to deliver the product with NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. This means you get all the benefits of Vía’s antioxidant and mineral-rich patented formulation with Whole Food Nutrition to support your Health and Energy.

Does VíaVienté interact with specific medications, chemotherapy or radiation?

There are no known drug interactions associated with VíaVienté.

How much Calcium is in VíaVienté?

A suggested serving of VíaVienté contains approximately 25% of the USRDA for Calcium. The calcium in VíaVienté is highly bioavailable and is sufficient to supply a person with the calcium needed for optimal metabolism, but those concerned about bone health should take an additional calcium source to ensure optimal bone health.

How much sugar and carbohydrates are in VíaVienté?

VíaVienté contains 7 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of sugars per fluid ounce, or 42 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of sugar in a 6 oz. daily consumption.

Is VíaVienté safe for Diabetics and Hypoglycemics?

VíaVienté's naturally occurring antioxidants seem to moderate the effect of its carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. However, those with diabetes or hypoglycemic concerns should consult a dietician and/or health professional before taking VíaVienté.

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