ViaViente Hero on A&E

ViaViente hero Johnny France the subject of A&E’s “Fugitive Chronicles” on April 29th!  

Retired Madison County Sheriff Johnny France loves his ViaViente.  He also happens to be a law enforcement hero who led a 5-month manhunt to save a kidnapped woman in in his home state of Montana.  Johnny tells his story on A&E’s “Fugitive Chronicles” on Thursday April 29th.

(Johnny  tracking in the back country)

Johnny’s wife Sue introduced him to ViaViente 7 years ago after he was kicked in the head by a horse, suffering a cerebral hematoma that nearly killed him.  The hematoma had to be drained twice, prompting Johnny to say, “Each time they drained a pint of blood, you could say I’m about a quart short!”    Johnny believes that a combination of Montana grit, strong spirit and ViaViente saved him.  Sue was determined to give him ViaViente during his recovery, even going so far as to take away his other medications. 

With the help of Sue, his family and ViaViente, Johnny re-learned to walk and talk and continues to live a very full life.  Johnny says, “Every day is easier and better for me because of the benefits of ViaViente.”

Meeting President Reagan

Tune in to A&E’s Fugitive Chronicles on Thursday, April 29th (10pm ET, 9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT) to see how Johnny France led a 5-month long manhunt to save a young female triathlete who was kidnapped by two men in the mountains of Montana. The show re-airs on Friday April 30 at 2am ET and Saturday May 1 at 5pm ET.    The program is based on a book about the manhunt entitled Incident at Big Sky which was nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Mystery Writer’s Award.

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