Enzymes: How They Affect Your Health

Enzymes are proteins that are present in all living cells.  Enzymes are catalysts that make many essential biochemical reactions happen and are not used up or chemically altered in the process – they literally keep everything working in our bodies.  As a catalyst, they help a chemical reaction take place quickly and efficiently.  Food itself is essentially just a mixture of chemicals that are broken down by enzymes.  The released nutrients are the raw materials.  No mineral, vitamin or even hormone can do any work without enzymes – you could actually say they are the manual workers that build our bodies.

Enzymes are responsible for helping us digest our food and breaking down and removing old and diseased tissue and cells from the body.  Digestive enzymes breakdown the food we eat so it can be used as a source of nutrients and a source of energy.  Every cell relies on the raw materials provided to the body by digestive enzymes.  If you do not have enough enzymes you can develop a vast variety of illnesses.  All the food and nutritional supplements you consume will not do any good if they are not sufficiently broken down and absorbed by the body.

Our bodies do produce enzymes.  However, as we get older our enzyme energy has a limit so we really have to maintain the enzymes in our body as much as possible in order to have a longer life.  You are spending from your enzyme banks the minute you put food in your mouth.  The digestive enzymes begin right in the saliva as you are chewing your food.   Eating plenty of nature’s raw foods is one way to boost your enzymes and avoid depleting your enzyme reserves.  The more raw foods you eat with their enzymes intact, the less your body needs to borrow from its enzyme reserves for digestion.  This leaves more enzymes free for work like breaking down and removing old, diseased cells.

Heating and processing food destroys the enzymes that are present in nature’s foods naturally.  If you’re eating a lot of over processed things all the time, you’re putting extra stress on the body because the natural enzymes have been destroyed in the food.  You can see it in the fact that some people can’t lose weight or that “spare tire” because the intestinal tract is not moving like it’s supposed to – there are undigested spots not moving through.

ViaViente is whole raw living food.  It is not pasteurized, leaving the live enzymes intact.  Whole food trumps everything and that is exactly what ViaViente is.

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