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I recently saw a late night infomercial pushing a new “super-blender”. They took whole fruits, vegetables & nuts, put them in the “super-blender” and added some water to make a “whole food” drink. The super-blender chopped up & pulverized the skin, pulp & seeds down to “molecular level”, extracting the “goodness” of each food. Granted that their “super-blender” accomplished what other blenders could not. The bottom line is what are the quality food products being used? Are they the run-of-the-mill grocery store products, genetically altered? Free from pesticides? Synthetic fertilizers? GMO (genetically modified organisms)? Or do you need the top shelf “organic” & “all natural” products? Of course, you know the answer to that – the organic products. But what is organic today and how can you be sure it is all organic, naturally grown? Well, we don’t know unless we know the farmer or wholesaler’s standards. When we do find quality products, we usually get “sticker shock” at the checkout.

They had testimonials from customers on how it had changed their life, and it probably has. Many people never had products that nutritious before. Their “free recipes book” informs you what ingredients to use for different ailments. Boy, my head’s spinning now.

So bottom line is, the super-blender using “ground breaking” technology is nice. But really, add the cost of the ingredients, time to find & drive (or order online) to get the ingredients and the super-blender, I’ll bet that the novelty wears you out in a couple months.

ViaViente is the product they are trying to produce in the super-blender. You can’t beat the original ViaViente – it’s 100% all natural, super concentrated, and has the only naturally occurring spring water from the Loja province of Ecuador, where people live to be 100+ years old & disease free. ViaViente has done the science, made the “ground breaking” discoveries. You don’t need “special recipes”. It truly is “your health food store in a bottle”. ViaViente can be shipped to you monthly without you ever giving it a second thought. All you do is pour a shot glass full twice a day and enjoy good health. Here’s to ya, cheers!

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