The Via Fit Kit

Do You Or Anyone You Know Want To:
Lose weight, have more energy, improve your health or just feel better overall?

The Via Fit Kit is Your Solution for achieving & maintaining your optimum weight.

The Via Fit Kit contains 30 servings of:

1. Via Premium Whey Protein Powder– No fillers and is a “Crave Crusher” that keeps you feeling full as you consume fewer calories.

2. Via Premium Alkalizing Drops (Vilcabamba Alkalizing Minerals) – Designed to achieve optimum alkaline pH in your body. An internal alkaline pH supports the prevention of disease in the body.

3. Via Premium Essential Fatty Acid Blend– Provides the ideal balance of fatty acids that your body needs for health and achieving your healthy weight. Essential Fatty Acids are especially important for life-long brain health.

Blend the Protein Powder and Alkalizing Drops together with your preferred liquid and fruit, such as a banana, ice and your daily ViaViente for a powerful weight loss aid. Take the Essential Fatty Acid Blend capsule separately when you drink the shake.

Replace 1 meal each day with a Via Fit Kit Shake and lose 1 pound a week.

Replace 2 meals each day with a Via Fit Kit Shake and lose 2 pounds a week.

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