The Truth About Cardiovascular Disease

For over 50 years, cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke) has been one of the most researched, talked about, marketed to and feared ailments of the human body. There is so much written about the different causes, concerns and cures that it fills volumes of books. But most of those studies were just plain wrong because it was “cherry-picked” data. The new thought about the disease goes back to the original thought that many “old time” doctors have suspected all along.

The last 20+ years, Cholesterol has been described as the “smoking gun” and billions of dollars were spent “educating” and marketing to us that if we want to live healthier, we had to change our diet and purchase a new line of processed foods and take new drugs called Statins. Cholesterol has been responsible for demonizing entire categories of foods (saturated fats) and blamed for just about every case of heart disease in the last 20 years.

After years of different drugs, fab diets, life style changes and preventative measures that have been claimed to be the answer to keep us from suffering this deadly disease, cardiovascular disease and weight gain has increased despite the direction of the past 20 years. Hundreds of Americans die each day due to a heart attack. Obesity rates in the United States remained stable at around 14 or 15% from 1900 to 1980. Since then, the obesity rates have skyrocketed. Today, nearly 60% of the population is overweight or obese. So, is the low-fat diet really just one big fat lie?

Research is finally going back to basics and looking at the cause of many or most causes of all diseases, INFLAMMATION. It is the inflammation to the arterial wall that is causing the blockage, not the cholesterol.

If you have increased levels of cholesterol, it is at least in part because of increased inflammation in your body. The cholesterol is there to do a job: help your body heal and repair. If you have a bunch of damaged cells that need to be replaced, your liver is notified to make more cholesterol and release it into your bloodstream. This is a deliberate process that takes place in order for your body to produce healthy new cells. If your cholesterol levels remain elevated, you are in a chronic inflammation state.

Dr. Dwight Lundell, a board certified Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon with 25 years experience in heart surgery, is speaking out loudly regarding the truth about heart disease. Click here to view article.

So how do we fight Inflammation?
We need to increase the anti-oxidants in our body. Toxins from our environment are continually invading the body. Unfortunately, the body is also producing toxins as a result of both digestion and oxidation. Foods are a common source of toxins but so is the very air we breathe. Your body must digest, or oxidize, in order to survive. Oxidation leads to the production of free radicals, which wreak havoc on your body. Essentially, free radicals are toxins in your body that cause severe cellular damage; free radicals are known to cause inflammation.

So referring back to the original thought that many “old time” doctors have suspected all along, it is diet that determines whether we have a healthy life or we remain chronically ill. Inflammation is a vital part of the healing process but chronic inflammation can be deadly. Getting the correct amount of Chelated minerals, vitamins, amino acid, proteins and fats to fight free-radicals that attack healthy cells from our daily life and nourish our cells is the basis to good health.

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