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ViaViente to Fight Stress and Get More Energy Daily

You may have heard that ViaViente is Whole Raw Living Food — but what does that mean for your health and energy? VíaVienté is made up of 11 whole fruits, 2 roots for pain/swelling and abnormal movement in the body, and mineral water combined with the patented Vilcabamba Mineral Essence.  VíaVienté is the ONLY product […]

Use it or Lose it

Feel younger longer by staying active. Regular exercise such as gardening, tennis, golf, or walking 30 minutes three times a week, will help to keep you healthier and maintain a sharper memory and thinking skills. In addition, you will be better able to ward off Alzheimers disease. Joint pain holding you back? Try ViaViente to […]

Superfoods: Benefits of Berries

Berries are one of the healthiest superfoods around. What makes berries so special is their high level of phytochemicals that help protect cells from damage. Here are some of the powerful benefits that berries provide: Berries Reduce the Risk of Mental Decline – Researchers reported in the Annals of Neurology that compounds called anthocyanidins (a […]

The Truth About Cardiovascular Disease

For over 50 years, cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke) has been one of the most researched, talked about, marketed to and feared ailments of the human body. There is so much written about the different causes, concerns and cures that it fills volumes of books. But most of those studies were just plain wrong […]

Can ViaViente Protect Your Eyesight?

Dr. Steven Pratt, the author of SuperHealth, says whole foods can help protect against eye disorders such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Green leafy vegetables offer protection because of their high Lutein content. Also, antioxidant-rich fruits have been shown to be vitally important to your eyesight. Because berries, grapes and other antioxidant-rich fruits are […]

Reducing Inflammation is Essential to Great Health

In a recent article about joint pain, Dr. Mark Pedersen, Lead ViaViente Formulator, explained that reducing inflammation in the body will help reduce Joint Pain caused by Osteoarthritis. Dr. Mark Pedersen states: “Let’s take a closer look at inflammation and how ViaViente helps reduce pain and swelling in the body. Inflammation is the body’s response to infection, […]

Goji Berries for Better Health

Since the early 21st century in the United States and other such developed countries, there has been rapidly growing attention for Lycium barbarum (other names: Goji, Goji Berry, Himalayan Goji, Wolfberry) for its nutrient value and antioxidant content. Published studies have reported possible medicinal benefits of Lycium barbarum, especially due to its antioxidant properties, including […]

Relief for Asthma Sufferers, by Dr. Mark Pedersen

If you are an asthma sufferer, you know that an asthma attack can be extremely frightening. According to internist Dr. Alan Gaby, an unrecognized food allergy or intolerance is a contributing factor in at least 75% of childhood asthma cases and about 40% of adult cases. When someone has asthma, the respiratory pathways that carry air in […]

Antioxidants – why do we need those?

The human body is composed of many different types of cells. Cells are composed of many different types of molecules. Molecules consist of one or more atoms of one or more elements joined by chemical bonds. It’s important to understand that we have billions of atoms in our bodies.  Atoms have a stable number of […]

[Health Tip] Dairy Products and Inflammation

Did you know that dairy products can cause inflammation?  If you have frequent sinus or ear infections, or sore throats, eliminate all dairy products from your diet for 4-12 weeks.  Notice if you feel better.

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