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Antioxidant Rich Pomegranates

Its great flavor and health benefits have made the pomegranate a great candidate for those who seek natural health foods. When you cut open a pomegranate you will be amazed at the number of ruby-colored seeds inside.  Trying to get to the seeds can be somewhat difficult as the permanent red juice squirts everywhere when […]

Fit and Fabulous with ViaViente as seen on KXII TV

ViaViente is an antioxidant rich, whole food puree drink.  More information about ViaViente here:

Goji Berries for Better Health

Since the early 21st century in the United States and other such developed countries, there has been rapidly growing attention for Lycium barbarum (other names: Goji, Goji Berry, Himalayan Goji, Wolfberry) for its nutrient value and antioxidant content. Published studies have reported possible medicinal benefits of Lycium barbarum, especially due to its antioxidant properties, including […]

Relief for Asthma Sufferers, by Dr. Mark Pedersen

If you are an asthma sufferer, you know that an asthma attack can be extremely frightening. According to internist Dr. Alan Gaby, an unrecognized food allergy or intolerance is a contributing factor in at least 75% of childhood asthma cases and about 40% of adult cases. When someone has asthma, the respiratory pathways that carry air in […]

Antioxidants – why do we need those?

The human body is composed of many different types of cells. Cells are composed of many different types of molecules. Molecules consist of one or more atoms of one or more elements joined by chemical bonds. It’s important to understand that we have billions of atoms in our bodies.  Atoms have a stable number of […]

Fighting Cancer with Fruits and Vegetables

Evidence is mounting that consuming generous amounts of fruits and vegetables plays an important role in preventing cancer. Nutritional studies over the past 20 years consistently report that people who eat greater amounts of vegetables and fruits typically have lower rates of cancer. In animal studies, animals fed fruits and vegetables before being exposed to […]

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