Can ViaViente Protect Your Eyesight?

Dr. Steven Pratt, the author of SuperHealth, says whole foods can help protect against eye disorders such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

Green leafy vegetables offer protection because of their high Lutein content. Also, antioxidant-rich fruits have been shown to be vitally important to your eyesight.

Because berries, grapes and other antioxidant-rich fruits are outstanding for protecting cardiovascular health, they are SUPERSTARS for protecting your sight. These fruits help decrease both swelling and blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a risk factor for macular degeneration.

Fruits like blueberries contain anthocyanins – the dark purple pigmented nutrients that fight pain and swelling, and improve blood flow. Anthocyanin rich berries also help prevent blockages to the arteries that feed oxygen to the retina, says Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and author of Doctor’s Detox Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss Prescription.

With 11 Whole Fruits, you can be sure you are getting important nutrients in every ounce of ViaViente!

Toast your eye health every day with ViaViente and protect your vision for life!

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